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ISHR 2019 Conference - Registration Reminder

Some important news about the 2019 ISHR Conference, New Orleans, 24-27 July

  1. The deadline for registration at special rates has been extended to Wednesday, 19 June. Please register as soon as possible. Our conference is meeting in a hotel, which needs more accurate numbers and earlier than at university venues. CLICK HERE to register.
  2. A draft of the conference program will be made available within 10 days. This is, I emphasize, a draft, in that it lists the presenters, presentation times, and names of the chairs only, without paper titles, etc. Note: none of the papers have been removed at this time unless requested by the presenter.
  3. Sessions chairs will be listed on the draft and publication of this draft will constitute a humble if awkward request to chair the sessions. Many will be asked to chair the session in which they are doing a presentation. Be sure to search for your name twice, once for your presentation and again to see if you’re being asked to chair a panel. This is not a problem for panels, of course.
  4. Electronic matters. Because we are staying at an American hotel, audio-visual charges for having a computer in the session rooms would have bankrupted the organization, so speakers wishing to use Powerpoint slides or the equivalent will have either to bring their own laptops or (better) arrange with the session chair or other session speaker to agree to put all Powerpoint files on one computer and thereby not have to switch computers between speakers. The hotel’s audio-visual team will have a technology staff on hand at all times. 

Please register! And thanks to those who already have. 

Best wishes,


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Malcolm Richardson

President, International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Interim Dean, The Graduate School
Dr. J.F. Taylor Professor of English
Louisiana State University
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