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Dr. Jan Swearingen

Dr. Jan Swearingen of Bryan, Texas passed away early on June 1st after seven months-long battle with cancer.  She had recently retired from the Texas A&M University English Department after dedicating thirty-five years to the practice and study of rhetoric. She made singular contributions to these areas over almost four decades of teaching and research positions at the University of Michigan, University of Arizona, University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M.  She was loved for her keen insights into ancient, modern and global rhetoric, as well as for her boundless optimism and commitment to mentorship and friendship inside and outside the classroom.  She is survived by one brother, Scott Swearingen of Santa Fe New Mexico, two sisters, Kathy Swearingen of Haslett Michigan and Leah Swearingen of San Diego California, two cousins, Carolyn Baldwin of Omaha Nebraska and Richard Craig of Austin, and one son, Benjamin Jacobs-Swearingen, of Columbia, Maryland.

Any donations in her memory may be made to the Twin City Mission at 2505 South College Ave. Bryan TX 77801, the Kalahari People's Fund at P.O. Box 7855 Austin TX 78713-7855, and/or the Pease Park Conservancy at P.O. Box 50065 Austin TX 78763.  A memorial is planned to be held at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, later in June. 

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