About Us

The purpose of this Society is to promote the study of both the theory and practice of rhetoric in all periods and languages and the relationship of rhetoric to poetics, literary theory and criticism, philosophy, politics, religion, law, and other aspects of the cultural context. This is the exclusive purpose of the Society and it shall be accomplished by the Society only in a charitable manner. The Society is not concerned with the furthering of practical rhetorical skills as such.

Founding Members of the Society:

Founded at Zurich on 30 June 1977, The International Society for the History of Rhetoric includes members from thirty countries, and holds biennial congresses in Europe and North America.

ISHR was conceived of and founded by:

  • Marc Fumaroli, France
  • Anton D. Leeman, Netherlands
  • Alain Michel, France 
  • James J. Murphy, USA 
  • Heinrich Plett, Germany
  • Brian Vickers, Switzerland

Founding Members of the Journal and Life Members of the Society:

  • Carroll C. Arnold, Pennsylvania State University
  • Robert N. Gaines, University of Maryland
  • Kathleen Jamieson, University of Pennsylvania
  • Luisa Lopez-Grigera, University of Michigan
  • James J. Murphy, University of California-Davis
  • Lester Olson, University of Pittsburgh
  • Roger P. Parr, Marquette University

ISHR Constitution, Amended 27 July 2019, New Orleans, Louisiana USA