Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric

ISSN: 0734-8584
eISSN: 1533-8541
Frequency: Quarterly
Published: February, May, August, November


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The journal publishes articles and book reviews that further the aims of the Society as stated in its Constitution (Article ΙΙ):

The purpose of this Society is to promote the study of both the theory and practice of rhetoric in all periods and languages and the relationship of rhetoric to poetics, literary theory and criticism, philosophy, politics, religion, law, and other aspects of the cultural context.

Submissions to Rhetorica must be composed in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, or Spanish. However, authors may discuss and quote texts in any language for which there exists a Unicode script.


Please review the details for manuscript preparation:

Rhetorica Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts submitted to Rhetorica should be original, unpublished, and not under consideration elsewhere. The author’s identity should not be disclosed in the manuscript. The manuscript itself must include a title, a 100-word abstract, and a limited number of keywords. Along with the manuscript should be submitted a separate page that repeats the manuscript title and specifies the author’s name and contact information.

All article manuscript submissions should be sent electronically to the Rhetorica Editor, Robert N. Gaines, at the following address: gaines@umd.edu.

Books for review should be submitted to the Rhetorica Book Review Editor-Elect, Artur Costrino, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Instituto de Ciências Humanas e Sociais (ICHS), Rua do Seminário, sem número, Centro, 35420000 - Mariana, MG - Brasil; artur.costrino@ufop.edu.br.

Please direct questions to the Editor and Book Review Editor at their respective email addresses as specified above.

Editorial Staff

Robert Gaines, University of Maryland, College Park

Associate Editors
Manfred Kraus, Tübingen (German language manuscripts)
Caroline Petit, University of Warwick (French language manuscripts)
María Violeta Pérez Custodio, Cádiz (Spanish language manuscripts)
Cristina Pepe, Università della Campania 'L. Vanvitelli' (Italian language manuscripts)i

Book Review Editor
Artur Costrino, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, BR

Editorial Board

Don Abbott, California Davis
Martin Camargo, Illinois
Maria Silvana Celentano, Chieti
Francisco Chico Rico, Alicante
Pierre Chiron, Paris
Thomas Conley, Illinois
Christopher Craig, Tennessee
Diana Desrosiers-Bonin, Montreal
Mike Edwards, London
Eugene Garver, St. John’s Minnesota
Lawrence Green, Southern California
Claude La Charité, Rimouski
Peter Mack, Warwick
Lucia Calboli Montefusco, Bologna
Laurent Pernot, Strasbourg
Robin Reames, University of Illinois at Chicago
Tina Skouen, Oslo
Dietmar Till, Tübingen University
Harvey Yunis, Rice

Past Editors

James J. Murphy

University of California-Davis, USA (1983-1987)

Michael Leff

University of Wisconsin, USA (1987-1992)

Craig Kallendorf

Texas A & M, USA (1992-1997)

Peter Mack

Warwick, United Kingdom (1997-2003)

Harvey Yunis

Rice University, USA (2003-2005)

Michael Edwards

University of London, United Kingdom (2005-2011)

Marc van der Poel

Radboud University, The Netherlands (2011- 2018)

Debra Hawhee

The Pennsylvania State University, USA (2018 - 2021)


At its biennial conference, ISHR awards a $1000 prize for the best article published in its journal, Rhetorica. Every article published in the journal over the two years since the previous ISHR conference is automatically eligible.

Past Winners

2022 Isabella Walser-Bürgler, "Staging Oratory in Renaissance Germany: The Delivery of Andrés Lagunas’s Europa Heautentimorumene (1543)" , in Rhetorica 38, 1. 84-117

2019 Brandon Katzir, "The Truth of Reliable : Saadya Gaon, Arabic Rhetoric, and the Challenge to Rhetorical Historiography", in Rhetorica 35, 2. 161-188

2017 Travis D. Williams, "Mathematical Energeia: Rhetoric of Early Modern Mathematical Notation", in Rhetorica 34, 2: 163–211

2015 Emanuele Berti, Ricercatore universitario di Lingua e Letteratura Latina at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, for his article “Le controversiae della raccolta di Seneca il Vecchio e la dottrina degli status” in Rhetorica 32. 2. 99-147 https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/10.1525/rh.2014.32.2.99.pdf

2013  Brad L. Cook,"Swift-boating in Antiquity: Rhetorical Framing of the Good Citizen in Fourth-Century Athens," Rhetorica  30.3, 2012. 219-251. http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1525/RH.2012.30.3.219

2011 Virginia Cox, “Leonardo Brunion Women and Rhetoric: De studiis et litteris  Revisited,”Rhetorica 27.1, 2009. 47-75. https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/10.1525/rh.2009.27.1.47.pdf

2009 Lahcen E. Ezzaher, “Alfarabi’s Book of Rhetoric: An Arabic- English Translation of Alfarabi’ sCommentary on Aristotle’s Rhetoric” in Rhetorica 26.4, 2008. 347-391.