Event Support Grants

Before COVID-19, it had been the practice of ISHR to offer modest financial support for small, in-person events organized by ISHR members. We hereby resume that practice and expand it to include digital and hybrid events.

Requests of less than $2000 are invited on a rolling basis. Requests of greater than $2000 may be submitted in advance of ISHR Council meetings, where they will be deliberated upon by councilmembers. Those deadlines are June 15 and November 15 of every year.

Retrospective support for past events is impossible, so time your request carefully. If you should like to request event funding for an event you are planning, you can find instructions in the Members Only section of the ISHR website under Event Support Grants.

Institutional granting has been completed for FY23/24. New applications may be submitted after August 1st 2024.