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ISHR - Dr. Alan Rosiene

Dr. Alan Rosiene

Alan Rosiene

With great sadness we report that Dr. Alan Rosiene of Melbourne, Fl. passed away on January 16th 2021 after a short illness. Alan was a much esteemed professor of English and languages at the School of Arts and Communication of Florida Institute of Technology. He taught a broad range of courses in Western civilization and literature that were highly appreciated by his many students, and shouldered a variety of administrative duties. His high-ranking research was focused on medieval Latin literature and the medieval Arts of Poetry.

Alan was a regular participant and a versatile and inspiring speaker on medieval rhetoric in ISHR conferences from 1999 (Amsterdam) until 2019 (New Orleans). He is survived by his wife, Sandra Bruner, and his daughter Kate. Alan Rosiene will be remembered, and sorely missed, as a congenial and highly respected colleague in our research field and a respected member of our Society.




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