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ISHR Announces New Editor of Rhetorica

New Editor of Rhetorica

The Council is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Robert Gaines as the new editor of Rhetorica, in succession to Debra Hawhee, who served from 2017. The Council wishes to thank Professor Hawhee most warmly for her excellent work as Editor.

Robert Gaines is Professor of Communication Studies, The University of Alabama, and Professor Emeritus of Communication, University of Maryland. He was a Founding Member of Rhetorica and is a Life Member of the Society. His many publications on Greek and Roman rhetoric will be familiar to all members of ISHR, and he is currently working on a “census” of notable sophists from the exile of Aeschines at Rhodes (330 BCE) to the fame of Nicetes in Rome (mid-70s CE).

Professor Gaines will begin processing new submissions on July 1, 2021.

For information about how to submit manuscripts to Rhetorica, please visit the following site:

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