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Transition to Johns Hopkins University Press as Publisher of Rhetorica

Transition to Johns Hopkins University Press as Publisher of Rhetorica

As announced in August 2022 at the ISHR international congress in Nijmegen, NL, the Johns Hopkins University Press will begin publishing Rhetorica in January 2023. JHUP is among the top 70 publishers of scientific journals worldwide (A. Nishikawa-Pacher, JDoc 78, no. 7 [2022]: 450–463) and was recently ranked in the top 10 global publishers of books on history (A. Zuccala et al., JASIST 66, no. 7 [2015]: 1338).

Procedures for submission and review of manuscripts at Rhetorica will remain largely the same, except that—beginning immediately—all article manuscripts should be submitted directly to the Editor, Robert N. Gaines. Submission procedures and guidelines for manuscript preparation are available at the ISHR website. Documentation standards for Rhetorica submissions have been revised, so authors are encouraged to become familiar with the guidelines, some of which are designed to implement JHUP expectations for scholarly manuscripts. If you currently have a manuscript in the review process at Rhetorica, you do not need to resubmit. Manuscript review histories and materials will be preserved through the transition to JHUP. Procedures and processes related to Rhetorica book reviews will continue without noticeable change.

Coincident with the publication of Rhetorica, vol. 41, no. 1, ISHR members will have digital access to the Journal through JHUP’s Project Muse. At that time, the Society’s Members Only webspace will include a referring URL for access to digital issues. Project Muse will cover Rhetorica beginning with volume 16.

It is expected that the transition to JHUP will provide Rhetorica (and ISHR) with reliable member services, administrative advantages, and wider opportunities for scholarly readers to read and cite Rhetorica scholarship.

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